Guidance for Photography and Recordings of Young People

Club Badge Hi-ResCity of Peterborough Hockey Club (CoPHC) adopts England Hockey’s policy for the taking and use of Photographic and Recorded Images of Young People and works in accordance with the following statements:


Please note that our membership form includes a permission section for photography so that all our juniors are covered, unless a parent specifically opts out.

Captains are reminded that they must advise the opposition if parents are recording or taking photos and there may be junior players in their ranks. This particualarly applies to parents recording for GCSE PE purposes.



CoPHC does not wish to prevent parents or other spectators being able to take legitimate photographs or recorded images.  Use of recorded images can also be a valuable coaching aid.  However CoPHC is committed to providing a safe environment for young people under the age of 18.  Included in this commitment is ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to protect young people from the inappropriate use of their images in resources and media publications, on the internet, and elsewhere.

Photographic and recorded images can be used as a means of identifying young people if accompanied by personal information.  This has the potential to make a young person vulnerable to individuals seeking to ‘groom’ young people for abuse.  Additionally, images can be used or adapted for inappropriate use.  There is evidence of adapted sporting images being used on websites displaying images of child abuse.

This policy covers the following key areas:

  • The taking and/or publishing of photographic and recorded images of young people
  • The use of photographic or record image equipment at hockey events
  • The use of photographic or recorded image equipment as a coaching aid


Photographic or recorded images:

This includes images or recorded images using a camera, digital camera, video recorder, mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant devices (PDA).

Obligations under this policy:

Everyone within CoPHC must act in accordance with the general principles in England Hockey’s Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy and the principles set out in this policy for taking and use of photographic and recorded images of young people.

In addition, CoPHC adopts and implements this policy relating to the taking and use of photographic and recorded images of young people in hockey, in accordance with the general principles in England Hockey’s Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Policy, and in accordance with this particular policy and principles together with the supporting good practice guidance.

How England Hockey will help:

England Hockey is committed to supporting its affiliated clubs and associations to implement policies through the provision of appropriate access to education and training, and supporting documentation.

England Hockey is also committed to ensuring that concerns relating to the misuse of photographic or recorded images of young people in hockey are taken seriously and acted upon swiftly and appropriately.  To achieve this, England Hockey has developed procedures for reporting concerns.  England Hockey may refer concerns to the relevant statutory agencies, instigate proceedings under its own Safeguarding and Protecting of Young People Complaints and Disciplinary Regulations, or refer the matter to a club or association for resolution as appropriate.


  • Everyone within CoPHC should have an understanding of the issues relating to taking and use of photographic and recorded images of young people and what England Hockey’s policy is on this.
  • Parents and young people have a right to decide whether young people’s images are to be made, and how those images may be used.
  • In accordance with good practice guidance for hockey activities and events, parents and young people must provide written consent for young people’s images to be taken and used.  There may be legitimate reasons for denying consent i.e. subject to legal restrictions.
  • A registration process should be used for photographers in accordance with the good practice guidance on photography and recorded images.  This will help deter those wishing to take photographs or recorded images for inappropriate use.
  • Images should convey the best principles and aspects of hockey, such as fairness and fun.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that images are not sexual or exploitative in nature, nor open to obvious misinterpretation and misuse.
  • All images of young people should be securely stored to avoid inappropriate use.
  • In the case of images used on websites, particular care must be taken to ensure that no identifying details facilitate contact with a young person by a potential abuser.
  • Where used for coaching purposes, players and their parents should be made aware that this is part of the coaching programme and be clear of the purpose of filming as a coaching aid.
  • Suspected inappropriate taking of photographic or recorded images should be challenged and reported.

When assessing the potential risks in the use of images of players, the most important factor is the potential of inappropriate use of images of young people.  Awareness of the risks, and taking appropriate steps, can reduce the potential for misuse of images. 

Please contact the club if you wish to come and take photographs or record video.


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