Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy


Safeguarding Policy CoP Policy HeaderCity of Peterborough Hockey Club, together with England Hockey, believes that all young people have the right to be safe and enjoy their involvement in hockey.

Like all other affiliated Clubs, City of Peterborough Hockey Club is bound by England Hockey’s Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy.  This policy shows commitment to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all young people involved hockey.

The full policy for Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey is attached as a document here –  EH Safeguarding and Protection Policy, but the sections below set out some definitions and general principles.



England Hockey defines The Hockey Family as all individuals, clubs, county and regional associations, leagues and other organisations involved in any capacity in the game of hockey, and whether or not they are members of England Hockey. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes all players and anyone working within hockey (in a paid or voluntary capacity, and whether as an employee or on a self-employed or other work basis) including all coaches, umpires, referees and other officials. Parents and spectators at hockey events and activities are also deemed members of the Hockey Family, as are Commercial Partners.

Young people are defined as children that have not reached their 18th birthday.

This Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy (the “Safeguarding Policy”) applies to all employees of England Hockey and each member of The Hockey Family. The Safeguarding Policy sits alongside all other EH policies and regulations including, but not limited to, the Code of Ethics and Behaviour. Adherence to the Safeguarding Policy will be managed through the Safeguarding and Protecting Young People Complaints and Disciplinary Regulations (“Safeguarding Regulations”).


General Principles

The following general principles regarding safeguarding and protecting young people will be applied by England Hockey and should also be applied by everyone within The Hockey Family.

  • The safety and welfare of young people is paramount.
  • The views and opinions of young people are sought, considered and integrated into all aspects of hockey.
  • All young people, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race (including ethnic origin, nationality and colour), religion or belief, sex (gender) and sexual orientation have the right to be protected from harm.
  • It is recognised that some young people have additional vulnerability, which may be due to disability, language, sexual orientation, culture or for the fact that they perform in an elite environment. It is therefore important to raise awareness of additional risks and address particular needs, as required – see Safeguarding Education and Training guidance document.
  • The rights, dignity and worth of all young people should always be respected.
  • Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, but it is the responsibility of child protection experts to determine whether or not abuse has taken place. It is everyone’s responsibility in hockey to report concerns.
  • Statutory agencies have a role in safeguarding young people and information should be shared with them as appropriate.
  • The Safeguarding Policy is only effective when The Hockey Family works in partnership to support the implementation, monitor and evaluate its progress.
  • For clarity, the Safeguarding Policy and any related procedures and good practice relating to the safeguarding of young people in hockey need to be applied both in relation to activities for young people specifically and where young people may be involved within the adult game, for example, where players or umpires under 18 years of age are incorporated into adult team hockey.


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