Code of Ethics and Behaviour

We are governed by England Hockey and one of the most important policies for us to have in our minds at all times is their Code of Ethics and Behaviour.

Hockey has a great reputation as a family sport and as a club we take pride in the fact that we have members of all generations aged 5 to 80 including players, umpires, managers, officials, and family members of all types from partners to grandparents.

Our own club discipline policy is designed to allow us to impose a fair and relevant sanction on any club member or their associates who acts to bring the club into any sort of disrepute, whether intentionally or otherwise. This is relevant to everyone whether you are playing, officiating or spectating either at Bretton Gate, Thomas Deacon, or any away match.

We will always listen to both sides of every complaint and will never impose a punishment without clear evidence of a breach of this Code. Equally we will investigate any complaint directed at us from another club, or from any association we are affiliated to (East League, East Region Hockey, Umpire associations, Cambs Hockey, England Hockey) or to which an opposition club is affiliated.

We would encourage everyone to consider carefully their use of social media of any kind  – Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Websites, Forums etc. A comment you make can be interpreted in different ways by different people and can cause offence where none was intended. Bullying, harrassment and threats of any kind against another member of the Hockey Family, whether within or outside of our club, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with under our Club Disciplinary policy.

England Hockey’s Code of Ethics and Behaviour can be found on their website or by following this link  

The full copy in pdf form of the Respect Book can be found here EH Respect Book

The club’s own Code of Conduct and Discpline Policy is here

CoPHC Code of Conduct & Discipline policy