Report: CoP Men’s 5th XI vs Kettering 2nd XI – November 25, 2023

Published by Frank Bothamley on

0 – 0 at half time, fairly even to that point,

Bothamley saved a goal off the line with a great save.

We struggled to pass the ball and still were running with the ball inmidfield.

umpires were against us the whole match which cause moral to drop and stress levels to rise.

we went 2 – 0 down,  after a fluffed pass from bothamley from right defence to the centre ended up at a Kettering players stick.

Waldo got a yellow for dissent and kicking away the ball but he had been hacked all game and the opposition got away with it.

Boyle pulled one back 

Ketting got a 3rd late on.

Veg soup and bread for tea at kettering and then shot home.

Waldo got DOD for teh card and James Bell MOM as he played a good steady game.

Harry P is wasjing shirts and Buckley selected to do teas next week.

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