Report: CoP Men’s 5th XI vs Spalding 2nd XI – November 04, 2023

Published by Frank Bothamley on

City went down 1 – 0 after a short corner.

We failed to control the midfield and Spalding pressed high and restricted teh opportunities toget the ball out from a 16.

Waldo score to bring us back 1 -1 and it stayed this way until half time.

City players seemed to loos etheir shape in the midfield and we all out of position,

Too many times players ran with the ball only to loose it whilst trying to beat a player.

A miss kick by greeny we went to 2-1 down and the well taken open play goal from Spalding made it 3-1.

A wet and rainy day and a 3rd defeat on the trot.

Cambs Uni next week.

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