Car park changes – register your numberplate(s)

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Dear Member

The task of controlling our car park is becoming increasingly difficult for our small workforce. As a result

  1. Hospital visitors and others abuse our premises by using it as a free parking area putting pressure on the number of spaces available to our members and other legal users.
  2. The hospital employees who do pay to park legitimately are increasingly critical of our failure to control illegal (unpaid) parking.

In order to be entirely fair to those hospital workers who do pay for parking spaces, Management Council have decided to install an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system to give us proper control of parking. There are no costs to the Club for the system, the company installing the system recover their money from prosecutions of rogue parkers.

Once the ANPR system is installed there will be a trial period, when it will be live but not taking any punitive action, before becoming fully functional on or around 1st November 2015. The system will be live 24 hours/day Monday – Friday but not Saturday and Sunday. This will protect us from night shift workers trying to gain free parking as well. 

In order to minimise inconvenience to members please note the following points

  1. Keep your car(s) registration details up to date in your membership records. It is all too common for members not to fill in the correct form when renewing memberships. If you use a vehicle not in the records you will need to visit the office to learn how to register, All visitors and guests will also need to use this facility (apart from weekends) when arriving at the club, and on each occasion that they do. Those parents who visit regularly should be taking out social membership and their registration can be recorded against that as well as on their child’s record.
  2. The parking system is linked to the membership system so you should bear in mind that the ability to park without fines expires 1 month after the date on which your subscriptions become due.
  3. In order to protect members who make a mistake the Club have the final say on cases taken to prosecution but please note that anyone who regularly flaunts the system will have this protection withdrawn.

It is very important that this system works so your full cooperation would be greatly appreciated. If you require any further information please contact the Manager or any member of Management Council.

Peter Leaton

Club Chairman, Peterborough Town Sports Club