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City of Peterborough Hockey Club is one of the largest and most successful hockey clubs in the East - and more important, we are also the friendliest.

City of Peterborough HC is more than just a club – on the one hand it is a business and on the other it is a family, and we are looking to the future where we can all continue to be enjoy our many achievements across the age groups, and to fulfil the ambitions of every member, parent and official.

And every year we remember the community we live and play in, and raise funds for a charity which has a close connection to our club

Our first class facilities include our own astroturf pitch and clubhouse at Bretton Gate, Peterborough. We run 9 mens and 4 Ladies teams, and several junior hockey teams, both outdoor and indoor.

We have coaching sessions to suit every age and ability, and an increasing number of coaches to support this.

We also have Clubmark accreditation from Sport England to support our thriving and increasingly successful youth structure.

Are you interested in joining our club as a player, parent, coach, umpire or maybe a volunteer? We would love to hear from you and will offer you a warm welcome.



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Contact us today if you are interested in finding out more about our club either as a player, official, coach or volunteer. Current Club members, parents, umpires - submit your request for your own id for the site here.


Our latest news

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Posted 14 September 2014

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Posted 21 August 2014

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Training Restarted

Posted 8 August 2014

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Ladies Racketball opportunity!

Posted 8 August 2014

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Our latest results

Date Team Opponent Result
18/10/14 COP Men's 8th XI St Ives 5th W 8 - 1
18/10/14 COP Ladies 4th XI Wisbech Town 3rd L 0 - 3
18/10/14 COP Men's 4th XI Norwich City 2nd L 2 - 4
18/10/14 COP Men's 5th XI Long Sutton 2nd D 3 - 3
18/10/14 COP Ladies 3rd XI Cambridge City 4th W 4 - 1
18/10/14 COP Men's 3rd XI Letchworth 1st L 1 - 9
18/10/14 COP Men's 2nd XI Long Sutton 1st W 4 - 2
18/10/14 COP Men's 7th XI Alford & District 1st W 4 - 3
18/10/14 COP Ladies 1st XI Cambridge University 2nd W 1 - 0
18/10/14 COP Men's 9th XI Grantham 1st W 1 - 0
18/10/14 COP Ladies 2nd XI Spalding 1st L 0 - 6
18/10/14 COP Men's 6th XI St Ives 3rd W 4 - 1
18/10/14 COP Men's 1st XI Cambridge University 1st L 1 - 4
11/10/14 COP Ladies 3rd XI Cambridge Nomads 2nd W 5 - 2
11/10/14 COP Men's 3rd XI Norwich City 1st L 1 - 4
11/10/14 COP Men's 6th XI Horncastle 1st L 0 - 1
11/10/14 COP Men's 1st XI Chelmsford 1st W 4 - 3
11/10/14 COP Men's 9th XI Long Sutton 4th W 3 - 1
11/10/14 COP Ladies 1st XI Long Sutton 1st W 2 - 1
11/10/14 COP Ladies 2nd XI Cambridge Nomads 1st L 1 - 4

Upcoming fixtures

Date Team Opponent Fixture
25/10/14 COP Men's 3rd XI Ramgarhia 1st Away
25/10/14 COP Men's 1st XI Dereham 1st Away
25/10/14 COP Men's 9th XI Bourne Deeping 5th Home
25/10/14 COP Ladies 2nd XI Cambridge University 2nd Home
25/10/14 COP Ladies 3rd XI March Town 1st Home
25/10/14 COP Men's 4th XI Cambridge University 3rd Home
25/10/14 COP Men's 5th XI Cambridge Nomads 1st Away
25/10/14 COP Men's 2nd XI Letchworth 1st Home
25/10/14 COP Ladies 1st XI Pelicans 1st Away
25/10/14 COP Ladies 4th XI Bourne Deeping 2nd Away
25/10/14 COP Men's 7th XI Wisbech Town 3rd Away
25/10/14 COP Men's 6th XI Alford & District 1st Home
25/10/14 COP Men's 8th XI St Neots 3rd Home
01/11/14 COP Men's 2nd XI Ipswich 1st Away
01/11/14 COP Men's 4th XI Dereham 2nd Away
01/11/14 COP Men's 9th XI Leadenham 2nd Away
01/11/14 COP Ladies 4th XI St Neots 3rd Home
01/11/14 COP Ladies 2nd XI Wisbech Town 2nd Away
01/11/14 COP Men's 7th XI Spalding 3rd Home
01/11/14 COP Ladies 1st XI Ely City 1st Home

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