Easy Fund Raising

We have a quick and easy way for every member to raise funds for the pitch – at NO COST AT ALL to the membber!

It’s Easyfundraising – every time you shop online at one of the retailers they support, the club gets some money. One member of the club has raised over £200 in the past few years just by doing their on-line shopping via the Easyfundraising site.

You still use your store account but you access it via the Easy Fundraising site instead of direct from your browser – how simple is that! John Lewis, Sainsburys, NotOntheHighSt, eBay, Amazon… and dozens of others.

Please consider signing up for this, and just make sure you get the right hockey club – you need to use https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/phc/  – please don’t use COPHC or your money will be going to Portsmouth Hockey Club (as they got there first….)

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