Sports Club AGM

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This year’s AGM is important for all as we will be discussing a number of capital projects which require funding over the next few years and wish to hear the views of members as to the potential priority of those projects which include


  • Re-surfacing the astroturf
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  • Extending and improving the Clubhouse to include facilities for disabled, better lounge and a separate club room to allow external bookings to be taken
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  • Converting the climbing wall to a 5th, glass-backed squash court to allow tournaments to be held
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  • Re-homing the Climbers who will lose their Wall when the squash court is rebuilt – as an Olympic sport in 2020 they are keen to ensure they still have somewhere to climb

There will no doubt be lively discussions over the order of projects, how they should / could be funded and what the priorities should be, so we would welcome a good cohort from the hockey section to offer a range of views and opinions.

7.30pm Tuesday 21st February – Clubhouse Lounge