Brummitt 2015

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  Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D      
  Dereham Jurassic Beavers Beavers Barely Legal      
  Odds & Sods Almighty Ones Bourne Again BGZs      
  Bourne Deeping Trent GPO Ragamuffins ‘B’      
  Sons of Pitches Ragamuffins ‘A’ Brummitt Knights      
Time Astro Fixtures Time Grass Fixtures
10:00 Dereham v Odds & Sods 10:00 Jurassic Beavers v Almighty Ones
10:40 Bourne Deeping v Sons of Pitches 10:40 Trent v
11:20 Beavers v Bourne Again 11:20 Barely Legal v BGZs
12:00 GPO v Ragamuffins ‘A’ 12:00 Ragamuffins ‘B’ v Brummitt Knights
12:40 Jurassic Beavers v Trent 12:40 Dereham v Bourne Deeping
13:20 Almighty Ones v 13:20 Odds & Sods v Sons of Pitches
14:00 Barely Legal v Ragamuffins ‘B’ 14:00 Beavers v GPO
14:40 BGZs v Brummitt Knights 14:40 Bourne Again v Ragamuffins ‘A’
15:20 Dereham v Sons of Pitches 15:20 Jurassic Beavers v
16:00 Odds & Sods v Bourne Deeping 16:00 Almighty Ones v Trent
16:40 Beavers v Ragamuffins ‘A’ 16:40 Barely Legal v Brummitt Knights
17:20 Bourne Again v GPO 17:20 BGZs v Ragamuffins ‘B’