City of Peterborough boys selected for England Hockey HiPAC and Futures Cup

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England Hockey have today announced the 2013 HiPAC (High Performance Assessment Camps) and Futures Cups Squads Lists.  City of Peterborough are well represented again at what is known as Tier 2 of the JRPC Single System, with two young players Oscar Sadikot and Sam Anderson selected for this prestigious level of training and competition. 


Young players in the U15, U16, U17 and U18 age groups are selected from the JRPC Cluster Tournaments (Tier 1) to come together and train with some of the country’s finest coaches.

With 12 Cluster teams across England, and perhaps just 20 players in each cluster pulled from county hockey’s best juniors, it is tough to reach the Tier 1 level, but only a few attain the heights of Tier 2 that Oscar and Sam have achieved.    


Oscar Sadikot will be in the Saxon Tigers U16 team for the Futures Cup.  This is the second year he has been selected for the Tier 2 activities following his selection for the U15 HiPAC last season.  


In the U16 and U18 age groups, players learn about the highs and lows of competition at the Futures Cup which is a competition based on a Junior International tournament.  Four squads of 18 players (Saxon Tigers, Mercia Lynx, Wessex Leopards & Pennine Pumas) will all play each other.  

Two days of training/preparation are held on Sundays in October prior to the squads coming together for the competition in Cannock which takes place from 31 October – 3 November.  


Sam Anderson has been selected in his U17 age group to go to the England Hockey High Performance Assessment Camp (HiPAC).  


The HiPAC takes place from 27 – 29 October and is all about training.  As an integral step on the Single System ladder, the HiPACs aim to show players in the U15 and U17 age groups that training is as important as competition and they will be taken through a number of sessions on the pitch and in the classroom.  

The U15s will go to the University of Leeds and the U17s will go to Lilleshall National Sports Centre.


From the HiPAC, England Hockey will usually select 2 – 4 players for the England team for that season (i.e. to play up).  The remaining 20 or so players for the England team being selected from the best players at the Futures Cup.   


The achievements of Oscar and Sam should be applauded by all at the club, but it would be wrong to not recognise the other 18 City of Peterborough players were invited to the Junior Regional Performance Centres (Tier 1) run this year.  


  • Jacob Marshall-Grint
  • Ashfat Abdulwahid
  • Grady Wing
  • Joe Phillips
  • Connor Allen
  • Leo Davies
  • Fran Houghton
  • Poppy Tovey


  • Katherine Amps
  • Francesca Wilson
  • Amy Danks
  • Charlotte Exton


  • Manish Patel
  • Cameron Goodey
  • Emily Waddell
  • Jessica Amps


  • Nick Reddy
  • Brendan Andrews