U18 suffer heartbreak at Whitgift

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City of Peterborough 1 – Havant 4

(Marcus Howard)

Despite Havant having 4 England players in their squad City lads competed extremely well.

It was however two early goals in each half gave Havant a 4 nil lead, before Marcus Howard scored a consolation short corner.

Missed chances by City gave Havant a more flattering scoreline than they deserved.


City of Peterborough 6 – Isca 2

(Marcus Howard 5, Adam Wilson)

Isca had beaten Cannock in their first game so City knew a positive result was needed.  A few changes to personnel and a slightly different formation with half court being played tightened up the performance.

After 2 minutes though, City were 1 down, before Marcus Howard scored his first from a short corner 4 minutes in.  Adam Wilson scored just before half time to give City a 2-1 lead at half time.  Michal Kowalski was also pulling off some good saves to give his defence confidence.

Two more open play goals from Marcus Howard in the 2nd & 3rd minutes of the second half saw a 4-1 lead before Isca pulled one back in the 4th minute.

Marcus Howard then scored in the 6th & 8th minutes to complete his FIVER.


City of Peterborough 6 – Doncaster 2

(Marcus Howard 4, David Fisher, Adam Wilson)

A must win game became more difficult when City allowed Doncaster a 2 goal head start in the 2nd & 5th minute of the game.

Marcus Howard started the comeback in the 6th minute with his first of 4.  David Fisher scored in the 7th minute and Marcus right at the end of the half to give a 3-2 city lead.

Adam Wilson scored in the 2nd minute of the 2nd half before 2 more from Marcus Howard in the 6th & 8th minute completed the rout.


City of Peterborough 2 – Cannock 3

(Adam Wilson, Nathan Foad)

A must win for the City side in the last game of a very open league with all to play for.  City had lost 11-1 in the same fixture last year.

City opened the scoring in the 3rd minute with a well worked open play goal finished off by Adam Wilson.  Cannock pulled one back from the flick spot 3 minutes before half time so 1-1 at the break.

A good short corner routine saw City take the lead in the 2nd minute with Nathan Foad slotting at the near post.  Michael Kowalski then saved a flick before a second one was awarded and put in by Cannock with 4 minutes left.

The game then flowed from end to end with the City lads pushing hard for the winner.  City then won a short corner in the last minute only for everyone in the building to see it except the umpires, worse still Cannock got the ball to the other end of the pitch and won a short corner at the end of the game which was saved twice before they scored on their second attempt leaving the city side no time to recover.

Summary of the tournament was City played four won 2, lost 2, so 6 points and 3rd in the league. The best result so far at this level by any City side. A bit more ‘rub of the green’ in the final game could have seen them through.


A very very respectable 5th place in the country.  Let’s not forget that 12 months ago the results were 6-9, 2-9 and 1-11 losses so a measure of how far the boys have come.


The City of Peterborough Squad for the National Finals were:

  • Michael Kowalski (GK)
  • Jordan Heald (Captain)
  • Marcus Howard (Vice Captain)
  • Matt Porter
  • Joe Houghton
  • Nathan Foad
  • David Fisher
  • Ben Newman
  • Adam Wilson
  • Nathan Stephenson (GK)
  • Chris Pepper