Olympic Reward

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From now to 16th September the club will be asking members to nominate people who they consider should get a ticket to attend a session at the Games. Nominations should take the following format: 

100-150 words on how the individual (who is 18-26) already ‘live’ one or more of the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. 

Nominations can be posted via this link.

On or by 16th September the club will pick a number of winners (based on guidance which will be dependent on the number of tickets we receive from the BOA) and submit to EHB a copy of the Games Nomination, along with the nominees’ contact details. Provision of contact details will be for the purposes of announcing the successful nominees, distribution purposes and is also a condition laid down by the Terms and Conditions

The final decision on the successful nominees rests with EHB, who will ratify the decision. Please bear in mind that each winner gets ONE ticket and must use the ticket themselves (non transferable). The club will also ensure that the individual meets the criteria of being a member of the club and is between 18 and 26 years old. As you continue with the process above, the BOA will be getting past Olympians on board to join these young adults at the games. The successful nominees will be announced in early 2012 and distributed soon thereafter to the winners.  All of the tickets are free and include transport within London zones. Transport outside of London and accommodation must be paid for by the individual.