Olympic Hockey Tickets – applications invited!

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The club has 28 tickets for one of the preliminary hockey
sessions at the Olympics.
Each session includes 2 games – could be mens or women but not
both – and all 28 tickets will be allocated to sit together at
the same session.

We won’t know until the schedules are published which games the
tickets will be for but let’s face it – this is Olympic hockey we
are talking about so the standard is going to be pretty awesome
whatever we end up with.
Every club in England has been allocated tickets, so the session
are likely to be full of our hockey family which will make for a
great atmosphere.

The tickets are £20 and we are not permitted to charge more than
that so we cannot auction them to the highest bidders – everyone
who gets a ticket will know exactly how much they have to pay at
the outset.

In order to work out how to allocate tickets, we need to gauge
demand – if we have requests for 28 tickets, that’s easy. If we
have more, some kind of raffle system will be needed (whilst
ensuring that juniors also have a ticket for an adult to
accompany them!).

If therefore you are interested (no commitment) in one or more
tickets, please can you email me on [email protected]
letting me know how many you might want, and we can start
planning. Please also indicate how many tickets would be for club
members and how many for friends/relatives etc.

The aim is to have the process completed by the end of September.

Please pass this on to anyone at the club who is not yet a member
of the website (and tell them to sign up!). A notice will be put
up at the club and message via facebook group as well to try to
make sure that no-one misses out!

I know lots of us already have tickets for various sessions
through our own applications, but this is a great opportunity to
see hockey surrounded by true hockey fans and people you know.

Any questions, just drop me an email 

Jane Wilson